Technical Data

Battlemech: Thunderbolt
Variant: TDR-5Sb
Chassis Mass: 65 Tons
Tech Base: Inner Sphere
Battle Value: 1613

Engine: Fusion
Gyro: Standard
Cockpit: Standard
Structure: Endo Steel
Armor: Standard

Movement: 4/6/0
Dissipation: 28
Armor Mass: 13.0 Tons
Armor Factor: 208


Weapons & Equipment

Weapon Class Location
aLRM-15 RT
Mlas LT
Mlas LT

Equipment Location
Ammo (aLRM-15) 16 RT
Ammo (SSRM-2) 50 RT

   Threat Assessment

Key Metrics

Run ACD Heat
Baseline 188.1 17
Optimized 191.9 31
Redline 168.3 79

Test Results

The TDR-5Sb has above average baseline damage output with little damage optimization potential (+4 versus baseline). This Thunderbolt variant builds up some heat but is easy to control.

   Redline Benchmark

   Optimized Benchmark

   Benchmark Comparison

Key Metrics

Damage/Hit 5.6
Critical Hits 4.2 per Game
Time to Kill 11.7 Turns

Test Results

The TDR-5Sb deals average damage per hit, generates a high number of critical chances and has slower-than-average time to kill.

   Lethality Test

   Cumulative Lethality

Key Metrics

Armor Coverage 98.6%
Survival Rate 85.1%
Destruction Rate 14.9%

Test Results

This configuration of the Thunderbolt has extremely heavy armor coverage that is slightly below spec on the center torso. The TDR-5Sb is very difficult to bring down and carries no ammo.

   Survivability Benchmark

   Ammo Analysis

   Cumulative Survivability

Key Metrics

Ground MP 4/6
Jump MP 0
Target Mod (avg) +1.9

Test Results

The Thunderbolt TDR-5Sb has fair mobility with no jump capability. This battlemech takes an average number of actuator hits while maintaining a competitive average target modifier.

   Motive Hits

   Target Modifer Analysis

Key Metrics

Battle Value: 1613
Effective Loss 5.9%
Skill Sensitivity 0.661

Test Results

The TDR-5Sb is a solid choice that outperforms most other battlemechs while exhibiting a noticeable response to increases in gunnery skill.

   Effective Damage Analysis

   Efficiency Rating

   Gunnery Sensitivity Analysis

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