Technical Data

Battlemech: Vulture
Variant: Prime
Chassis Mass: 60 Tons
Tech Base: Clan
Battle Value: 2351

Engine: XL Fusion
Gyro: Standard
Cockpit: Standard
Structure: Standard
Armor: Ferro-Fibrous

Movement: 5/8/0
Dissipation: 24
Armor Mass: 8.5 Tons
Armor Factor: 163


Weapons & Equipment

Weapon Class Location
cLRM-20 LT
cLRM-20 RT
cLPlas LA
cLPlas RA
cMPlas LA
cMPlas RA

Equipment Location
Ammo (LRM-20) 6 LT
Ammo (LRM-20) 6 RT

   Threat Assessment

Key Metrics

Run ACD Heat
Baseline 255.6 27
Optimized 277.7 68
Redline 140.8 276

Test Results

The Vulture has incredible baseline damage output with a substantial improvement in damage via optimization (+22 versus baseline). This Vulture variant gets very hot, very quickly and is difficult to manage.

   Redline Benchmark

   Optimized Benchmark

   Benchmark Comparison

Key Metrics

Damage/Hit 6.1
Critical Hits 4.1 per Game
Time to Kill 6.3 Turns

Test Results

The Vulture deals slightly above average damage per hit, generates a high number of critical chances and takes down targets easily.

   Lethality Test

   Cumulative Lethality

Key Metrics

Armor Coverage 81.1%
Survival Rate 67.9%
Destruction Rate 32.1%

Test Results

This configuration of the Vulture has reliable armor coverage that has some extra armor on the rear torso. The Vulture has above average survivability and is infrequently destroyed by ammo explosions.

   Survivability Benchmark

   Ammo Analysis

   Cumulative Survivability

Key Metrics

Ground MP 5/8
Jump MP 0
Target Mod (avg) +2.9

Test Results

The Vulture has average mobility with no jump capability. This battlemech sees very few motive hits while maintaining an excellent average target modifier.

   Motive Hits

   Target Modifer Analysis

Key Metrics

Battle Value: 2351
Effective Loss 11.1%
Skill Sensitivity 0.138

Test Results

The Vulture is a solid choice that outperforms most other battlemechs while showing almost no response to increases in gunnery skill.

   Effective Damage Analysis

   Efficiency Rating

   Gunnery Sensitivity Analysis

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